Catherine TAylor

Catherine Taylor was born in Australia, daughter to an army veteran, who managed a pub through her childhood years. Growing up, she spent many hours listening to the yarns of patrons and the stories of her parents set against the backdrop of World War II, including their incredible love story. Her passion for writing was further inspired by her love of books and films and she began creating her own stories from an early age.
Catherine spent many years in social work and came to understand the complexity of people's lives and how true is the saying "Fact is stranger than fiction." 

With her love of films, Catherine always wanted to be an actor and saw many years on the stage, and in later years appeared in two feature films. She went on further to work on a film set with Anthony Hopkins and remembers with tremendous joy an hour spent talking with him about his films.

In 1983, Catherine met the love of her life and became engaged to him a week after their first date.  2014 sees the 30th anniversary of a marriage that Catherine regards as "still in its honeymoon" with the addition of four children and two grandchildren. 

For the past thirteen years Catherine and her family have lived in her husband's home country of New Zealand and she considers it her own home. It was there that Catherine took up full time writing and in August 2012, she released her debut novel The Finest Line.

As an author of erotic fiction, Catherine enjoys writing the explicit sex scenes and romantic elements of her stories, but never at the expense of plot. The story must come first and readers of Catherine's books have discovered how much she loves suspense, action and plenty of twists and turns. She also believes that a book must have a conclusive ending and isn't a fan of cliffhangers. 

With a Bachelor of Media Arts and a Diploma in Acting, Catherine still writes for the screen and has written two feature film screenplays which she hopes to see produced.