Mrs. Terrell's Letters

Catherine Taylor

The Code of the West just got a whole lot kinkier

When Beth McMahon boards a train to escape her stepfather’s plans to marry her off, she has no idea where she’s headed. She has less understanding of the mysterious Mrs. Terrell who has helped her get away. She soon learns Mrs. Terrell is no demure widow and is headed west to be married to three brothers. For such an innocent, young girl, Beth is soon getting an education in some very sexual and explicit intimacies including loving discipline, something which seems to set Beth’s heart aflutter... 

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For nineteen years, Dylan Tyler hid within his empire of sex, wealth and power, Master to those who served him, but when he became exposed to the world, a Pandora's Box was opened. Now he has nowhere to hide, but for the woman he loves, Dylan is prepared to give it all up if only the past will release him. 


Nineteen years ago, Lena Petrenko fell in love with a cage fighter who claimed her as a trophy. When he walked away, she was left with just a memory to sustain a broken heart. Now he wants to marry her, but Lena fears she isn't enough for the person he's become. Her daughter is opposed to her union with a man considered controlling and dangerous. 


Before they can say ‘until death we do part,’ Dylan and Lena must overcome every obstacle which threatens to tear them asunder. Earning the respect of Lena's daughter is only one bridge they will have to cross. A sadistic serial killer has emerged from his past and left Dylan a gruesome calling card. For all his understanding of the opposite sex, he's about to learn, Hell hath no fury like a woman abused

Two series: Six action-packed erotic thrillers

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