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It is 1995, four years after Ukraine has declared independence.

Lena Petrenko cares little about her country or her miserable life. As the daughter of a racketeer, she has seen enough violence and has shut the whole world out. With her baby doll, she lives in her bedroom and immerses  herself in fairy tales, creating her own happy endings.

When her father forces her to attend his cage fights, Lena finds herself caught up in the brutality when she is claimed as the winner's trophy. Her terrifying champion is nothing like the prince of her stories. He is every bit the beast and she is hardly a beauty.

Lena soon learns that there is more to this stranger than his hard exterior. He has a dark history and an agenda that somehow involves her, but behind all the muscle beats a tender heart. As she begins to face her own terrible past, she finds him to be an unlikely ally, evoking everything she has buried deep inside, including her passion.

As her feelings for him deepen, Lena finds herself contending once again with a violent world. Now her captor must become her saviour, at the risk of losing each other, or losing their lives



Official Nominee for the Global Ebook Awards

What readers are saying about Master:


"It has everything in it that will make you want to keep turning the pages"

 "If you enjoy excellent adult literature, that engages your thought process, read this book!"  

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21st January 2014

Author Suzy Ayers from PS Naughty Reviewers gives Master an awesome 5 star review "This may be the first book I wanted to give a higher rating than 5" 

31st January 2014

Master goes into Amazon top 100 Bestselling Erotica in the UK, Germany and France


25th January 2014

Master accepted as a nominee in the Global Book Awards


17th January 2014

Feature about Master in 

The Indie Author News


5 Star Review for A Line Crossed from 


12th January 2014

Master is released to Amazon and Smashwords

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Book Blitz

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7th January 2014

Five days until the release of Master. At 119,000 words it is a full length novel and has a conclusive ending. It is set in Ukraine in 1995 and features a character that my readers have met in my previous novels. Master is his story.


20th December 2013

The Finest Line listed in the Editor's Pick of best erotic novels in                           The Sussex Newspaper


15th December 2013

The release date for Master will be the 12th January 2014


24th August 2013

The Finest Line goes to #1 on Amazon UK in free kindle erotica


20th August 2013

Celebrating a year of being a published author and the release of The Finest Line


23rd July 2013

The Finest Line goes to #1 on Top 25 Bestsellers at Ebookberries


 19th July 2013

Celebrating 150 reviews on Amazon for The Finest Line. A big thank you to all of you who have left reviews. Your comments have meant a lot to me and been an incredible source of encouragement.  Of those reviews, 77 have been five stars, 46 in the UK, 30 in the US and 1 in France. For the Indie author, there is no better promotional tool than reviews and your input as a reader is highly valued.


21st June 2013

A Line Drawn is released in paperback


24th May 2013
Wonderful article by Meia, who reviews books through her website, in which she had some great things to say about The Finest Line.

Being Comfortable in Your Own Skin is Priceless, Especially When That Skin is Burning with Need and Desire


21stMay 2013

A Line Drawn has been released on Smashwords


19th May 2013

A Line Drawn has been released to Amazon on Kindle

The Finest Line goes to #5 in the Top Ten Chart for 

Indie Author Land 


11th May 2013

Interview with David Njoku from Indie Author Land

Indie Author Land


4th May 2013

The Finest Line goes #1 on Amazon France in free kindle erotica and #12 in romance


Coming Soon

The much anticipated third and final installment of The Line Trilogy will be released on the 19th May 2013. At 122,000 words, it is the exciting conclusion of the story of James and Mairead.


May 2nd 2013

Katherine Deane from Spanking Romance Review has written an awesome review of The Finest Line, giving it 4 stars and a very detailed review.  It can be seen at:

Spanking Romance Review


29th April 2013

Los Angeles author and journalist Charm Baker has given The Finest Line a wonderful 4 star review and posted it to her website, which can be found at:

Free Book Review Network


7th December 2012

A Line Crossed is released to Amazon and Smashwords


29th November 2012

An awesome 5 star review for The Finest Line and the first from an official review site.

Sizzling Hot Books


26th October 2012

The Finest Line goes #1 on Amazon US in free kindle erotica


20th August 2012

The Finest Line is released to Amazon and Smashwords


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